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Box shipping prepares for new upcycle in post-pandemic recovery

The remainder of 2021 is likely to remain volatile, but supply constraint and consolidation has put pricing power back in the hands of carriers

When the current chaos in the supply chain eases, shippers face dealing with higher rates and emerging environmental costsCONTAINER shipping will remain unpredictable for the remainder of 2021 but is set to enter a new upcycle as the effects of the pandemic gradually dissipate.“Right now it is not feasible to see when the supply chain bottlenecks will be gone,” said SeaIntelligence Consulting chief executive Lars Jensen. “It could be a few months or it could be worse.”This year had started with even larger problems than 2020 had ended with, he told the Journal of Commerce’s TPM conference.The chances of going “back to normal” in 2021 remained low, and volatility would be the key factor facing the sector for the remainder of the year.

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