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Looking for a 360Q-partner for your next transport?

Thanks to our great quality program, we can offer you a wide range of companies.
All you have to do is make your choice.


• Fresh Carriers Co Ltd
7F New Kawai Building
4-6 Nihonbashi – honcho 3 – chome
Chuo – ku
Tokyo 103 – 0023
Tel.: +81-3-3516-8462
(website under construction)

• Cool Carriers
Barnhusgatan 16
111 23 Stockholm
Tel.: +46 8 753 9000

Seatrade Chartering B.V.
Graaf Engelbertlaan 75
4837 DS Breda
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31885431500

GreenSea Chartering

North Trade Building, 3rd floor
Noorderlaan 133
2030 Antwerp
Tel.: +32 3 369 6771

Affiliate members

• Alaska Reefer
Alaska Reefer Management LLC
2025 First Avenue, Suite 1020
Seattle, WA 98121

• Ambassador Services, Inc.
9025 North Atlantic Avenue
Cape Canaveral, FL  32920
Tel.: +1321-783-9623

Arola Shipping SL
Juan de Mena 10, 1ºD
28014 – Madrid / SPAIN
Tel.: +34 977242814

FPT Group Ltd
South Arm Rd Duncan Dock “D” Berth
Cape Town Harbour 8001
South Africa
Tel.: +27 21 401 87 00

• Port of Dover Cargo Limited
Port of Dover Cargo Limited
Dover Cargo Terminal,
Eastern Docks,
CT16 1JA
Mobile: 07970564092
Tel: 01304 222104

•  Holt Logistics (Gloucester Terminals LLC)
101 S. King Street
Gloucester City, NJ08030
United States of America
Tel.: +1 856 742 3022

• Zoomweg Zeeland Coldstores

Nisseweg 4,4416 PK
Tel.: +31 113 322 376

Want your supplier to be 360Q-certified?

In order to be 360Q-certified, a company must meet high standards. All of the ships are visually checked by a team of professionals, which can really make a difference.

So, why you should book a 360 Quality member for your next transport?
There are many benefits for shippers and receivers when booking a 360 Quality member company. Here are a few of those benefits:

Enhanced quality results and lower damage rates.
Why is this so?
• Due to constant work on the quality improvement (the Code, studies, statistics, etc.), you can be sure, that a 360 member will always apply the best-established practices in its operations.
• Each cooling section in a specialised reefer vessel has a separate ventilation and fresh air control system in order to provide the best carrying conditions for your cargo.
• Temperatures are monitored in real-time and can be controlled directly.
• The specialised reefer vessels provide optimal air distribution, so that cargo is quickly and evenly cooled down.
• The reefer plant and the conditions in the holds are checked frequently ensuring immediate response to any unwanted variations in the conditions in the hold or malfunction of equipment.
• Dedicated ships and terminals ensure that the people handling your cargo have years of experience in the handling of reefer cargoes. Your cargo receives their full attention at all times.

Short transit times (provide even better results)
Why is this so?
• Specialised reefer vessels travel directly to their destination ports. Hubs are not required. This also means reduction of carbon footprint and therefore food miles.

More space for bigger volumes at season peaks
Why is this so?
• The capacity of reefer ships varies from a couple of thousand pallets to six and even seven thousand pallets, which can be carried below deck.
• Since specialised ships are self sustained carrying units, one does not have to worry about additional logistical support such as containers and cranes. This ensures that there is a flexible and cost effective capacity solution for exporters.

Member benefits

Why to become a member of the 360 Quality Association?
An association is a community of people following the same targets. Naturally, a group can be stronger than a single individual. Powers are bundled.

We discuss goals and take actions to reach them. The 360 Quality Association consists of companies, who want to make sure that the handling of reefer cargoes is continuously improved in order to provide the customers’ cargoes with the care they require. We are the specialists, who can handle cargo ensuring the highest standards.

By having common standards we are able to promote each other – we can rely on each other due to the common standards. The Association‘s general marketing activities help every member without using too much of the resources of an individual member. A platform for synergies is provided.

Technical cooperation is a key to our members’ success. Members help each other to achieve the standards in the 360 Quality Code. One example for technical cooperation is the joint development of new equipment. Another is the purchase of necessary equipment or services from another member or advice on its use.

Consistency in quality: 360 Quality members can assure their potential customers of their highly qualitative results by continuous monitoring of the results and work to improve the Code. The use of the 360 Quality trademark is a seal of their high standards and a visual expression of their joint commitment.

Want to become a member of 360Q?

Are you convinced about our quality label too? Do you want to become a member?
Do not hesitate to contact us! We can give you all the information you need.

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