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Sea Fishing Port in St Petersburg first 360 Quality perishables terminal in Russia

It’s a first! Sea Fishing Port, has been certified as per October 1st as member of the 360 Quality association. The accreditation according to the 360Q code was fulfilled last month. The terminal facilities were inspected based on the very strict standards and guidance notes of the association.

One of most important terminals in one of the main ports for specialized reefers, now offers the same high quality standards as the other 360Q certified terminal operators worldwide do. Certification is crucial in order to maintain Quality in the “Fast, Dedicated and Direct” supply chain for perishables. The Fast, Dedicated and Direct supply chain is offered by the major operators in specialized reefers, dedicated terminals and service providers in wide range of loading and discharging ports. More than 160 ships and 22 different terminal operators and service providers have been certified since the setup in 2007. The code serves as a perfect link-up in the supply chain to all other quality assurances in this delicate business.

Sea Fishing Port in St Petersburg is an important link in the chain, it offers the whole range of services: discharging and loading of seagoing vessels, trucks and trains, documentation, customs and veterinary control, storage of refrigerated containers and cargo protection. Gantry cranes, reach-stackers, and 144 reefer plugs are all available. This year the terminal expects to handle close to a million pallets of which 270.000 pallets are perishables.

The theme “Fast, Dedicated and Direct” shows 360Q is in touch with the markets. For us, quality is more than just vessels, terminals and pallets: the cargo needs to arrive in the best possible condition. Being specialists for specialists, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. Together, we cover the entire supply chain, so we can maintain the quality of the cargo and our relationship with the people behind it. We improve shelf life and reduce damage and we can prove it.


As 360Q, we feel well placed with partners like Sea Fishing Port, St Petersburg.

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