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Technical Committee


We are the market leader for knowledge of refrigerated transport. With the overall technical and quality expertise of ALL members we want to achieve a high standard for the specialized reefer fleet going forward. For interested parties to contribute and benefit from this EVERYONE should be involved, e.g. specialized reefer ownership, technical management, crewing, commercial operation, terminal handling, stevedoring, P&I and cargo insurance.

The Technical Committee strives to consolidate the joint know-how of the specialized reefer industry. This will benefit our customers, our stakeholders and society.


1. Shelf life

A longer shelf life of the fruit leads to more sales time and less waste. Part of our mission will be to show that the quality of carriage and outturn of cargo from specialized reefer ships is superior to other forms of reefer transport.

2. Energy efficiency

Due to direct voyages, the food miles of specialized ships are less than other ocean transport solutions. By optimizing the energy use on vessels (propulsion as well as auxiliary machinery) additional savings of fuel can be achieved. A reduced CO2 footprint is the resultant of this.

3. Training

We have our 360 Quality Computer Based Training in place. One of our ideas is to develop a joint standard for cargo care forms.

Rules and regulations

1. Cold ironing requirements

applicable in Californian ports as fm 1-1-2014

California Air Resources Board, CARB, has issued regulations to reduce emissions from ships while in port. Cold ironing is one method and requires the ships to switch off the generators and connect to shore power when alongside Californian ports.


2. Phase out of Freon R22

applicable in European ports as from 1-1-2015

EC regulation 842/2006 on Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS), as amended, states virgin HCFCs to be phased out as from 1-2-2010. Recycled HCFCs can be used for maintenance and servicing of existing systems until 1-1-2015.
Any HCFCs such as Freon R22 must be decommissioned on EU flagged vessels by 1-1-2015 and refilling of Freon R22 will not be allowed on any vessels calling at EU ports.

Our memo on HCFCs

3. New 0.1% Low Sulphur requirements

applicable in all SECA’s as fm 1-1-2015

The basic requirements are described in Marpol annex VI. The challenge for the specialized reefer fleet will be to adapt to fulfil these regulations and still be competitive.

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