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Closing the circle. Expanding the code.

Introducing Container Depots into our 360 Quality Code

To increase our coverage of the total perishable supply chain, we have expanded our 360-degrees approach by introducing  certification of Container Depots  in our operations. Our specialized reefer vessels have a huge container capacity and we ship close to 100.000 units every year. In order to assure the quality of this operation, we have expanded our Code with a separate chapter for Container Depots. In addition to the instructions already in the Code for container handling on board and at terminals in both the loading and discharging ports. In order to ensure compliance with our requirements, we want accountability from all our service providers; Like with vessels and terminals, inspections by independent approved inspection bodies are always part of our procedure.

Fast and direct, but also with dedication and a keen eye for the cargo. Even if it’s not in our care yet.

View the updated Code.

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